Qualia Wines


The Numbers

We crush an average of 51,000 tonnes annually, ranking us one of the largest winemakers in Australia.

We have onsite wine storage capacity of 60 million litres in insulated temperature controlled stainless steel tanks, each with automated inert gas management.

At Irymple, we have two crushers: one crushes at 80 tonnes per hour and the other, a 30 tonne version, is used mainly for premium fruit. We have 6 air bag presses: 1 x 150 tonne, 2 x 120 tonne, 2 x 80 tonne and 1 x 30 tonne for premium fruit. We also have on-site wine storage exceeding 60 million litres in insulated temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks.

All our tanks have automated inert gas management and range in size from 10,000 to 340,000 litres.

Our Merbein winery, just next to the Mildura to Melbourne railway line, is the site of the original “Commissioners Block” vineyard, which was purchased in 1913.



Our winery here has a 10 million litre capacity and is used mainly for blending and storage.

Qualia Wines produced 37,500,000 litres of wine in 2016. That’s equivalent to 50,000,000 750ml bottles or 3800 20ft container loads! And our bottling capacity is 39,600 bottles per line, per shift, per day – that’s 3,300 dozen per line, per shift, per day.

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