Qualia Wines


Winemaking Philosophy

We make wines that complement a contemporary lifestyle and have an ‘above and beyond’ attitude towards delivering quality and relevance in a highly competitive market.

Qualia is from the Latin word meaning “what sort” or “what kind”. It is a term used in philosophy to describe how we sense the things around us. At Qualia Wines you will sense freshness, life, service, authentic quality and personality.

Our winemakers love the great fruit that exemplifies wines from the Murray Darling. Attention to detail and the unique winemaking practice that we encourage enhances these characters. Using our skill and state-of-the-art technology we can retain natural grape aromas, flavours and freshness. But you won’t find this in any standard code or a manual. Our values and instincts have been learned and developed over many years and are treasured by our viticulturalists and winemakers.

A good winery and winemaking team are judged, not so much by their finest wine, but by their humblest: This is the wine that has to impress for its character, generosity and authenticity. It’s these same qualities that then translate to value – and that’s ultimately the consumer’s judgement.

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