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Barramundi Wines

Barramundi Wines was, and still is, radically different to other wine brands in concept, packaging and in the easy-drinking, fruit-driven style of the wine. Now available in 25 countries (and growing)! For all information visit the Barramundi Wines website.

Crooked Mick

Crooked Mick is the most hard-working, hard-playing quintessential bushman of the Spee’wah, a fictitious place in Australia where many humorous yarns abide. Tales of Crooked Mick typically involve exaggerated accounts of survival and overcoming hardship in the Australian Bush, kicking crocodiles to the moon and baking pies so light they float away. The Spee’wah makes a hard task at hand seem much easier and, in a similar manner, this wine will bring a smile to almost any occasion. For more information, visit The Crooked Mick website.


Launched globally in 1992 across 23 international markets, Salisbury wines have won many awards at Australian and international wine shows including the Governor’s Award for the Best Victorian White Wine.

Little Eden

Mildura was once described in 1889 as ‘The New Garden of Eden’. This range is real, evocative, familiar and creates a natural image.

Inspired Company

Inspired Company wine is contemporary in its packaging and winemaking style. Be inspired, it’s always ready to drink.